My Language Learning ABCs

An updated list will be posted soon! (May 2014)

This is my list of words and reminders that motivates me to practice my English daily. (March 2013)

A---Learn to Act bilingual
B---Be Bold and speak up
D---Drill the basics
E---Be a Effective learner
F---Fake confidence once in a while
G---Google is my friend
H---Have a Heart that finds humor
I---Look for Inspiration
J---Jaggle in style
K---Kozue & こずえ---find my voice
L---Active Listening
M---It Matters
N---Have No excuse
P---Practice anytime anywhere
Q---ask the right Question
R---Reading (and listening Audio Books)
S---Stretch my facial muscles
T---Try new things
U---Use many resources
V---Have a Vision from a higher ground
W---Watch out for naysayers!
X---eXcercise (physically fit is important)
Y---Try YouTube? 
Z---Let my writing sleep (Zzzz) overnight. 

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