Sunday, June 1, 2014

Closest Settlers of Catan!

It's June!

We just had the closest Settlers of Catan game ever!

I was so close to winning; I was in the lead the whole time. T-kun kept threatening to steal my longest road, though, he wasn't letting me win easily. While T-kun and I were battling for the longest road, the other two snuck up on us. At the last turn we were all in the race of winning.  (What a thrill!)

K-kun, who was way behind us at the start (actually, he only had 1 victory point when I already had 8), beat us in the end. No one suspected that, so we had this great analysis session and discussed where it could have gone wrong for me and others.  In the end, it was really fun to play this game as a family. The winner got three pieces of Lindor chocolate! (which K-kun shared with me.)

May was really busy for us, but it was worth the work we put in. I'm already looking forward to this month---4 more weeks of school, and then it's summer time!!

P.S. I made several origami crafts since the last post. I posted the pictures and the links to the instruction videos in my Japanese blog. I apologies for not writing in English for a while, but I'm in the process of creating the central website where you can find out what I do. I will keep you updated!