Thursday, May 1, 2014

Origami Dragons. Trying Something New.

Among many origami instructions, there are some origami models that I don't usually pick to make. Dragons and dinosaurs are some of them. Folding animal shapes are hard for me, and the finished creations are sometimes disappointing . 

But if there is an opportunity, like a friend's birthday, I would be motivated to make it. It's a plus if it's cool looking, and the instruction says that it's "simple".  

The first one wasn't too hard. I made it with a gray paper. I could probably teach this to young kids. 

So, I got one cool looking one made, I wanted to try make different kind for this dragon to fight against.

The  second one was more complicated, even though it says simple! (so be warned!)  Once I started, though, I couldn't give up. I was determined to finish. Next time (if I ever make this again) I would use a bigger paper than I would normally use.

I made it with a red paper like this. It was pretty cool looking, although I might add that I would use a thicker paper than origami paper (but not too thick, because that would make the other folds hard), to have the cool wings look like in this instruction. 

What origami creation did you make lately? 

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