Saturday, February 1, 2014

A New Post of the Year...

Time for an update!

If you are wondering if I lost interest in blogging, no worries, it's the opposite. In fact, I have many saved drafts that didn't get published. So I have been writing, untangling my thoughts one by one, which really helps me to prioritize my interests for the new year! 

Other than the fact that it was a busy month and I got a new responsibility at church that I have been enjoying, everything else went well. Things are getting organized the way they were. Everyone except me was sick over last two weeks. I'm so motivated this month, there is no time for me to be being sick :)

Kids are in swimming and piano. I'm still practicing piano and French Horn at home. I attended the annual neighborhood luncheon the other day. It's becoming a tradition... this is my 3rd one (4th, maybe?) to attend, but the hostess said she started the luncheon 35 years ago. Wow! 

I started reading some interesting blogs in French, and I was excited that I got a gist of what was written. (Well, there were many words that were similar to English, but I understood some sentence structures of French, which was very exciting to me. ) I'm also excited to watch Winter Olympics next month. Not only I'm excited for the Men's curling team from this city are going to be there, I'm excited for the chance to watch the athletes coming all over the world, and speaking different languages! 

Yoga with friends, origami, photo editing, video editing, cooking healthy meals, better organizing and sharing, teaching Japanese, and learning English with friends... are some of the things I get so excited to do... 

I also have new ideas for my blog... I hope I can share many more things with the readers this year. 
Thank you for reading! (One more minute, and it will be February!)