Saturday, December 14, 2013

I've come so far...

"Wow, I've come so far!"

That's my thought lately. 

"What was I thinking?" 

I used to say no when people asked me if I missed my home. I was just so busy learning to live in a new place with a growing family. I love the life I have here, but I admit I get homesick around holidays and special celebrations of family and friends. I get homesick whenever I listen to the soundtrack of movies I loved as a child.

I look around me, and I am really impressed by my friends who are making conscious efforts to keep the family ties strong. This week, my sister's birthday card that she sent for my daughter reminded me how many cards she has sent for each of my kids every year. This birthday card she picked had a special meaning to me. She remembered my favorite stationary designer! 

I was especially touched by this hidden message because I haven't been a good sister to her lately, and the little gesture that she showed to me really humbled me. 

Maybe my answer to the question "do you miss home?" should have been yes, if that meant if I love my family. I love my family far away from here. It's my turn to show it. 

P.S. I love all of my friends and family near and far! Merry Christmas!

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