Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crafty Weekend. (No Pictures Yet)

This weekend's activity was sewing and card making. I have to admit, I'm starting to enjoy going to a craft store now, not just for my project, but for my kids projects!

L-chan finished sewing her first Teddy Bear. It was from a kit, but I still thought it was too difficult for L-chan to do as her first sewing project. I was impressed; it took her maybe 2 and a half days, but she finished it. A-chan tried to do some sewing just like her older sister, but she enjoyed putting on stickers for detailing after a penguin and a reindeer were sewn together by T-kun.

K-kun asked me if I could show him how to make some of the characters from STARWARS origami book that he got on his birthday. (My husband said I got something I wanted for myself!) I quickly realized that this book was the most unfriendly origami book I'd ever seen!! The good thing was I could read in between the diagrams shown on the book pretty well. I would feel bad for anyone buying this book for kids and not being able to help. YouTube is much better origami instruction resources for me, but this book came with papers with printed images. I thought it was a good starting book for Kevin to try by himself. (WRONG!)

I have to say, even though the instruction on the book was not very helpful, but we learned some holds together, and one good thing was for each character or star ship etc., 2 papers come with the instruction. So it was perfect to do it together.

I think that's pretty much what I have done this weekend. I meant to make other things, but I ran out of time. Oh, I'm also in the process of making a video using a green screen. It's a project I thought of doing with the boys. (Again, I'm more excited than the boys.) My kids sang really well in Japanese at church today, by the way. I should video tape them singing so I can send it to my parents.

I hope to update again something this week. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

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