Monday, October 7, 2013

Origami with Kids (October theme)

October 5th was World Teacher's day. 

I made these bird paper clip holder and book marks for my kids teachers at school. I picked something that kids could make by themselves. I hope these will brighten the teachers' day just even for a day :) I always make something at the end of the school year for teachers, and I don't remember if I ever made something for their teachers besides sending thank-you notes. I hope I can remember next year so I can prepare something with kids. 

Just this past month, I have been seeing great things happening among my children. They have been good influences on each other, and they have been able to do many things without being asked to do. I would have a hard time picking one child for the star of the month this month. I think they all deserve a star. That's how great it has been this month. I hope it continues!

(That gave me an idea... maybe just like they do it at school, they spotlight on kids according to the characteristics that they had been working on that month---I might start looking for the progress that the kids are making in different categories.) 

My kids definitely have wonderful teachers, and I'm so thankful for them. 

Missing one bird on this picture. I have 4 children who go to school this year.

Below is what L-chan and A-chan made with me on the weekend. Pumpkin with witch hat. 
L-chan decided she really wanted to use googly eyes for these, and made it smiley. So it became cute, friendly Jack-O-lantern with baby Jack-O-lantern. You can put small candies inside, too. 

How are you getting ready for Thanksgiving (if you are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in October) and Halloween? 

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