Friday, September 20, 2013

Moon Watching

It was so beautiful, I had to share.

It was such a perfect night last night here to watch the nature put on a show for us. The moon was shinning so brightly, and clouds are flowing and changing their shapes...amazing!

It was only for 30 minutes I was outside with my husband watching the moon, but I was glad that I thought to look out the window at 11:00p.m. because I wasn't expecting to see the harvest moon this year because of the clouds.

We could see the thick mounds of clouds coming toward the moon, so we knew the show wasn't going to last much longer. We said good night to the moon as it got covered by the sea of clouds, like a nice blanket. It was still eliminating bright light from behind.

I hope you are enjoying the season---autumn leaves are just another sign that caught my eye today. I say this too many times, but "I can't believe it's.....!!" I hope I take time to enjoy the fall season before I scream "I can't believe it's Christmas!"

Time really flies when you are doing the things you love, I think.

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