Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trying Something New and Staying Positive.

K-kun has a lot of news to share lately.  K-kun also placed 5th in triple jump in the city last week. 
He has been playing in school softball team (Junior division) and today was a tournament. 

This is 4th ribbon in triple jump in a Zone. Top 4 got to go to the city.

Yesterday was the last session at Gymnastics. His coach wrote in a card she gave him:

"...You have little fear of learning new skills and you strive to master them.” She also wrote that he has a positive attitude."

That's what I have noticed about K-kun today's game too. First thing people may notice is that he is small compared to other players. That doesn't hold him back to enjoy playing and do his best. He was the first batter at every game, and he did a great job. One time while I was watching the game, the foul ball landed by me, so I picked it up and tried to throw it back over the fence. It hit the top of the fence and fell toward me again. Everyone chuckled, I was too.

I ask him if I embarrassed him, and he said "yeah, it was embarrassing!" "in a funny way, mom!" It was great to see him developing sportsmanship and getting practices in different sports. It was also nice to be around other parents who cheered and supported their kids in the baseball field. They are so good at encouraging all players! What an awesome place to be!

He likes to run so when asked if he wanted to run 5K marathon next month, he said yes!

This is really a big positive change for him, and I'm so happy to see him trying new things.

It reminds me of the time that I was worried about his delay in speech at age 2. Last couple of years I had been little worried if he was going to show interests in team sports. I felt more hopeful today by watching him in the baseball field. With more practices, he could definitely be a better athlete. Fear holds people back from trying something new, but he is fearless. So, it was easy to cheer him on from the stand today.

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