Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Dental Hygiene Week!

Did you know in Japan, today (June 4th) starts Dental Hygiene Week in Japan?

It's okay if you didn't. I wouldn't have remembered it myself, but I happened to have a friend whose birthday is today,( Happy Birthday!) and I remember telling her long time ago that she was born on "Mushiba no hi (虫歯の日)"---the day of cavity. (prevent cavity day.)

Why is June 4th the day of cavity? Let's break it down.

Mu (6) Shi (4) ba (tooth) no hi.

Number 6 can be read "roku" as some of you know.

Mushi (bug) ba (tooth) no (of) hi (day)

According to Wiki, June 4 to 10th is called different names over the years. Oral Hygiene week, Dental Hygiene week, health week of teeth and mouth.

So if you are reading this, let's remember to take extra care of your teeth and mouth this week and always!


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