Monday, June 24, 2013

Epic Fail at Piano Recital

"Epic fail!" 

I wasn't expecting to fail at the piano recital this weekend, but I failed miserably. I'm still so sad about it. I blame my lack of experience playing on the Grand piano. 

To prove (to whom, I don't know) that the songs were coming along nicely when I was practicing at home, I decided to post this. Four songs! The blues (the 2nd song on this video) I stumbled a lot in this video. Maple Leaf Rag (the last song) was my favorite one to play.

It hurts to think about it, talk about it, write about the failure; I still don' know what went wrong. I might have been trying too hard. I wasn't nervous there, though; I was probably more nervous when a friend watched us rehearse the night before. I thought I got rid of all the jitter bugs. For the little girl who sat next to me, this was her first time performing She couldn't hide her nervousness the whole time, but she must have been relieved to go after me! NO one else made as many mistakes as I did.

Anyway, enough whining about what I can't change. It's what I do from now that matters, right? I haven't decided if I should continue taking lessons in the fall.  Is my time better spent on some other activities?

On the brighter note, my 2 sons did very well. T-kun did better than he did at practice. (Yay! T-kun!) K-kun got a lot of compliments after the recital, and you'll see why. Here is the video of him playing his difficult piece (a couple levels above his current level) that the teacher arranged for him. He commented that 2/3 of the song was challenging, and the rest of the song he wrote with some senior student in mind.

At the end of the day, more than 24 hours have past since the recital, I'm very disappointed about my performance, but I was happy to see and hear other students played their best. Very impressive.

If I continue studying music and practicing piano in the future, I'll practice on the Grand Piano a lot before the recital. Sounds like a plan.

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