Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Peaceful, birds-singing, Google-wishing, dance-watching kind of birthday.

So, I had a birthday, and it was a special one! I will just share some highlights :)

The messages from family and friends in Japan started to come in on the day before. My parents sent me a picture of the nearby ocean where they live. 

"Beyond this ocean, far away land, lives our daughter and her husband with their 5 children. " she wrote. 

On my birthday, early in the morning I went to a park where I go often with kids. I didn't go to the playground area. I went to the other side of the park. Only 3 people with their dogs passed by. It was so peaceful.

Then I noticed singing of birds. It was as if the birds were putting on a show for me! How cool is that! 

When I got home, I saw Google doodle was celebrating something, but it was until later that day when K-kun pointed out to me itt was customized  doodle for me! When I moved the mouse over to the doodle, it said "Happy Birthday, Kozue!" Cool!

After lunch, T-kun had a last class at Gymnastics for this session. We didn't know when we went, but it happened to be the day that RCMP musical ride was here at the city community centre.

I brought the girls down later, so they could see the horses!

The girls had fun reading all the names of the horses. 32 of them!

We went to the green house later that day. We looked at these interesting and beautiful flowers and more!

A tiny Pineapple. There was a banana tree too!

A couple who were traveling through the city offered to take a picture of us.

After dinner, L-chan and I went to see a dance recital. Four nieces were in it, and it was their dance studio's 10th anniversary gala. It was fantastic! Talk about dedication, passion and a hard work! What else could be better to inspire than actually seeing what these young dancers archived over the years!  

So, I'm ready to start a brand new year! Thank you for my friends and family who made me feel special on my birthday and thank you for reading!

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