Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Embarrassing moments

Ok... here is my attempt to laugh at my mistakes.

I just heard "my mom's so stupid that she did..." jokes a couple of days ago. I feel like now I am the one to laugh at!

I will share 3 of my embarrassing moments.

1. I thought the picnic table signs are shrine signs. I first saw it on highway, I said to my husband, there is a shrine in Canada?? I was glad no one else heard me say it.

2. I always called a fly swatter a fly sweater. Again, probably the only person heard it was my husband.

3. I misunderstood chess pawns as chess ponds. Oops, I just published it (I edited it later) on my previous post. I wonder how many has seen it? On Facebook? Now I feel really embarrassed.

Now you can laugh at me. I promise I won't make these mistakes again!! But I'm sure I will make many more mistakes! Hope it will become less and less as I seriously learn to write better in English. (and practicing pronunciation should also help.)

Here is a post that I read today.

How to Immediately Become a More Productive (and Better) Writer

What do you think? I thought the point #2 was interesting. So much to improve!

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