Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Boy's Day (Children's Day) 2013 update

Japanese Children's day was on May 5th, and we had a fun time celebrating it over the weekend. I wrote about what Girl's day was like at my house in March, so I will write about what my boys did.

Kabuto display (upper left) was made by my teacher from elementary school. Koinobori (upper right) was made by L-chan. My kids' school is not a Japanese immersion school or anything, so when she brought home Koinobori, I was so happy that she was comfortable sharing her culture at school. (I went to talk a little bit about Boy's day with her class the week before.) 

Koinobori on the lower left is the one we made at home while older kids are at school. I cut out eyes and scales and A-chan glued them on the carps. I used magnetic wreath hook to hang it, so the Koinobori can go up and down. 

My parents sent my boys Japanese snacks from Japan. They specially ordered ahead those Koinobori themed snacks and sent the package to so we would get them on time. (The Girl's day snacks didn't get here in time for the party, but we still enjoyed them all) We really appreciated their thoughtfulness.  

It's great that I can find many more post about this day on other's people's blogs. I found one about Koinobori song.
(Japanese Transliteration)
Yane yori takai koinobori.
Okii magoi wa otoosan.
Chisai higoi wa kodomotachi.
Omoshiro soni oyideru.
Carp Windsocks
Carp windsocks are above the roof.
The biggest carp is the father,
The smaller carp are children,
They’re enjoying swimming in the sky.

After I posted the picture of the Samurai helmets, I made more and were looking for the way to display them, and this is what I did. Helmet wearing chess pawns! (Chess happened to be my son's favorite game.)

As I looked for something to give to the boys, (well, I don't know if parents give something to kids on Children's day or not, but Girl's had a party, so I wanted my boys to have something to remember this day by) I picked the book that I knew K-kun wanted to read, but couldn't find what T-kun might like. When I saw this DVD of Ninja Turtles, I thought "Perfect!"

In this picture, (sorry it's blurry) the turtles are wearing the Samurai Helmets. I thought it was something Japanesey, and fun to watch on Boy's day weekend. I had never seen it. Many people (including my husband) said that they grew up watching Ninja Turtles. The next day of watching Ninja Turtles, we had pizza for lunch. T-kun said something like "how appropriate!"

I have a couple more pictures to update, but I will post this now. If you are a mom who celebrates Japanese festivals and celebration, I really recommend that you visit hiraganamama's blog. She has tons of links (very well researched, useful and cute) and you can read about her family celebrated them.

I hope you got a little taste of what we did for this year's Boy's day weekend. I have a couple more pictures to update, so please come back to visit again!

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