Friday, May 24, 2013

A Coincidence?

Hi everyone! I did't get to update for a while. I want you to look at these pictures.
The picture (left) shows the time I received a phone call notifying me that I finished my old job. (I didn't get fired. It was my rental house business, and one of the property was sold finally.)

The picture (right) shows the time I received an email regards to my new job. A new project for me to work on!

It was my son's birthday that day, and we had a busy weekend ahead. I wasn't sure if I could take on a project, but I didn't want to say no to my first project on this job. I was notified later that day that I won't be starting on the new project until Monday. Another miracle?

Everything seems to be falling ing into places lately, and I'm so happy about my new job and things that I'm learning from it.

More updates to follow!

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