Monday, April 15, 2013

Team Canada Reception Video

Another post on curling. They are the 2013 world silver medalists, and I'm so proud of them, you know! 

My brother-in-law who attended the reception of Team Canada sent me the link for this video. They are presented the key to the city by the Mayor. 

My brother-in-law also had a picture of him shaking hands with Ryan Fry (the 3rd) on his facebook. I was jealous. What a great pic. 

K-kun and M-chan are in the video! Check it out. K-kun is the one with the camera (T-kun is right behind him) and M-chan is the one putting her fingers in her mouth. I couldn't go because I was taking the 2 girls to Gymnastics class. 

Read more about it here---> Our Team. Team Canada. Team Jacobs

If you want to see the pictures that K-kun took, please see here. I updated them on my Japanese blog. I hope they will visit my kid's school someday. We are going to get their autographs then! (or at the rink.)