Monday, April 29, 2013

May 5th---It's Boy's Day!

A new picture for the month of May is up! I made these Origami Samurai Helmets for L-chan's classmates. The boy's day is celebrated in Japan on May 5th and unlike Girl's day it's a national holiday! Actually, it's known as Children's day on the Japanese calendar.

For more explanation of this holiday, I found this link to be helpful

I also liked the Japanese American Museum site about Koinobori. Koinobori is a carp-streamer that you see around Japan this time of the year. I think sometime this week, I'm going to make more Boy's day crafts and post it on this blog.

The weather in April here was so cold and not Spring like, so I can't believe it's May already. As a child, I looked forward to Boy's day (Children's day) every year. I have a younger brother, so it was fun to celebrate Boy's day as a family. I got to eat Chimaki, which is special rice dumplings eaten on the Boy's day. I think Chimaki was served at school at lunch time as well on the week of Children's day. If you don't know what chimaki looks like, watch this YouTube video. Good (and yummy) memories!

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