Monday, April 8, 2013

Curling Men's World Championship---after thoughts

Wow, what a week. I didn't know watching curling could be so much fun!
(if you already know how fun curling is, please skip this post... and read something else.)

I updated my excitement over curling games on facebook, twitter, my other Japanese blog, and my Google+ page last week. Now I'm finally taking time to write a post.

My husband played curling competitively in the past, so it's fun to watch it with his commentary. (He often got too upset with missed shots, so it was intense watching with him.)

Did I also mention that my kids goes to school where the school principal is the uncle of 3 players on Team Canada? My husband says that he coached Harnden brothers when they started curling. That's pretty cool, isn't it?

5 straight wins, then fall to the 4th before going into the page playoffs, then won against Denmark, and Scotland to play at the final. It was awesome .The final game against Sweden was not the good game for Canada, but as my husband said, winning the national is as hard as world... so many good teams in Canada. I think Team Brad Jacobs from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario should be proud of their performance at World Championship.Silver Medals for Canada!!

(Please read more about the results by reading headlines here. (It is a link to "Following Team Canada" on Canadian Curling Association site.)

While watching I kept imagining these players as characters in black-and-white comic characters. If you are familiar with Japanese sports manga, I'm thinking of Captain Tsubasa (soccer). There are many other sports illustrated in Manga, so why not curling? It would be so much fun to read about their journey to get to the podium, don't you think? There will be a lot of dramas, shows different teams representing different countries, their behind the scene practices and training... I think someone should write it. If someone does, and curling in Japan becomes very popular in the future because of it, I will say "I told you so!"

Japan team did great too, beat both Canada and Sweden, the top 2 teams in the world!

I learned so much this week about curling. It makes you wonder why hadn't I learned already, eh? I guess I wasn't really interested. Now I am. I'm thinking about playing curling someday. We will see!

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