Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cooking Time Fun! (but this post is about knots)

Well, I don't write about cooking often, but I love cooking. It's usually when I'm cooking and baking I get a inspiration.

Today was no difference. I was in my kitchen doing dinner preparation, I untangled some knots in my mind, and understand what was so troubling me for a long time.

Speaking of tangled knots, I have a story to share.

Well, last month, we had a lot of snow accumulated on the solar panels. My husband was concerned the weight of the snow might damage the roof or panels. Because the snow had gotten hard as ice, my husband decided to try the deicing wire cable to help speed up the process of getting rid of the snow.

(I wish I had taken pictures!)

So, I was helping him spread the Roof &  Gutter Cable. My husband was on the roof, and I was on the ground untangling & straightening the cable. When you open the package, the cable came all nice and wrapped around in a circle, right? He had already started it, when I was asked to help, it was all tangled up!

Of course I was frustrated, and I was cold standing outside; but eventually, I told myself to calm down. I kept following the cable, and just untangle the knots one by one.

If any of the neighbors were watching through the window what silly thing we were doing, I'm sure they would clapped for me when I successfully freed the wire from all the knots!! (200ft. 61m in length) It was actually pretty cool when the wire warmed up and melted the snow around it, so it was like small chunks of ice sliding off from our solar panels. Done!

Right now, my wire in my mind is not all free yet, but I have untangled many of them so far, I'm getting a hang of it. It's getting looser, and in my mind I can actually see the lines, not a plate of spaghetti   I'm almost there! Feeling free during the cooking time reminded me of this recent event of me helping untangling the cable.

Sorry, I didn't give you my secret recipe of homecooked meal. Maybe next time.

No...I'm not making spaghetti tonight, but I might post something about spaghetti in the future. Who knows where my imagination takes me next. Until next time!

(April 5--- I found the perfect illustration of what I was talking about! See the picture of untangling the wire here in the middle of the post.)

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