Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Girl from Fukushima Japan Won 2nd Place in Aerobics World Cup (YouTube Video)

Today I came across the news of a girl from Fukushima who just won the 2nd place in Suzuki World Cup 2013 last week. Nineteen countries around the world competed in this event and it said she won 2nd place in Trio.

Her goal is (and has been) to win the first in the world cup, and bring a cheer to people in Fukushima. She is showing the reporter her favorite move (signature move?) "Illusion to vertical" (1:39)

Yesterday, there was an earthquake (shindo 6) in Japan near Osaka (Awajishima). Family and friends told us that they were fine, but I got a flashback of East Japan earthquake in 2011.  I remember how I wanted to share the news in English then, and how I started watching carefully how media reports the news in Japanese and in English. 

I have always wanted to speak English fluently. I finally understand what kind of fluency I want to achieve and how. I took online courses and lessons in the past and they helped me a lot; but I think studying even further in translating and interpreting will help bring up my communication skills in both languages. 

I didn't feel confident going back to school since I have been working at home for last 10 years, but I found another opportunity opening up to me as I test my skills in the real world outside of home. This is all happening (almost too quickly) since I started blogging publicly. Blogging publicly means that I'm showing the world that I'm seriously committed to be a contributor to the world and with my improved language skills, I can somehow help spread the messages. The messages that each of us are important, and we care and lift others by showing our best. This girl's story touched my heart today, so I took the time to translate. If you are a native speaker of English and know Japanese as well, what do you think of my summery of the video? The word I looked up was 得意技(とくいわざ-tokuiwaza)I thought "favorite move" fits here (but I can use the words "signiture move" if she is someone really famous for the move? I couldn't tell from this, but I liked signiture move for tokuiwaza. I will remember that.)

I just want to throw a question while I'm feeling very lucky to have your attention. Is there anyone out there thinking the same thing as I have? Preferably a Japanese person who lives outside of Japan, who likes to study translating between Japanese/English culture? Or someone who has lived in Japan and loves Japanese culture, and wants to help me with my English translation? If this fits you, (only if you are serious about learning please) send me a private message through either G+ page or FB page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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