Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where did All the +1 go?

A couple days ago, I changed my blog address to The old address still works, meaning that it still gets redirected to this new address. However, I can't see all your clicks anymore. I can see the comments (whew!), but reactions and +1 clicks were gone. I know there were +1 clicks, because it really made my day when I saw them. (especially on the ones that I didn't expect to get +1). I don't know who you are, but I thank you!

L-chan's funny face expresses well what I felt when+1 count was gone!
I also noticed the "blogs that I follow" list is also gone. If you were wondering, I didn't take it down the list! If you are already my friend or someone I follow and want to appear on my blog, let me know... I thought I should ask first just in case you like your blog to be private.

I have heard that Google reader is retiring in July 2013. I have used Google reader and I loved it. It says the number of users has declined, but what do people use to follow other people's blogs? I installed some apps, but I need sometime to get used to.

I'm also starting to use other social network tools so I can keep everyone posted. I guess that's what other blog authors use to send out updates, facebook, twitter, G+ etc. It's been a fun learning experience to jump into the blogger world.

I didn't get to post what we made for St. Partick's day on time. If it wasn't for L-chan whose homework(?) was to make a trap for Leprechaun, we probably didn't do anything, but we got fun time making things with what we had.

It's Spring on the calendar, but it sure doesn't feel that way here. Wherever you are, thank you for reading, and Happy Spring everyone!