Friday, March 1, 2013

Sunshine and Solar Powered (toy) Car

It's March 1st, and the outside looks beautiful with rays of sunshine!

This is for my husband, who is very passionate about anything solar, renewable energy etc. Five minutes before this video was taken, the sunshine was not strong enough to start the car. After a several minutes after this shot, the sun was high enough, and angle was right to give so much power, the car fell off the window sill. So this was the perfect shot :)

We still have a LOT of snow on the ground (and on our solar panels), and I don't expect to go away soon, but I feel the spring is on its way. 

(added on March 8th--- My husband was able to shovel and melt all the snow off the solar panels the other day. It's been sunny last couple of days, and so good to know that our solar panels are generating power again.)