Sunday, March 10, 2013

Piano Practice (Level 3) Videos!!

Today, I'm going to share my piano practice videos! 

I still have to practice a lot more as you can see (I mean, hear, ah, both). Putting these up here when they're not really recital ready kind of makes me nervous, but I have to get used to share things as they are. And I've come so far since the beginning. (I posted my history in Music on the page.)

I'm so nervous (I've been working on this post for 2-3days now.) so I asked K-kun if I can post his practice video as well. This piece he is playing is what the piano teacher put together for K-kun for the end of the year recital. He is familiar with the each pieces, but this is the first part of the new arrangement. This is taken right after the piano lesson and it's his 2nd time looking at this 5 page music.  (sorry the recorded sound is not good...I should retake it, since he plays really well.)

I will be practicing other songs for the recital in June. I will write more about them when it gets closer!

Thank you for watching (listening)!

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