Saturday, March 23, 2013

Multilingualism and My Laguage Learning ABCs

Origami ABC (instruction from

(edited on March 24)
For the last 2 days, I've been thinking about Multilingualism (Wikipedia). It's actually very long, but I found the section "Multilingualism = Multi personality" interesting. Although I don't know what it's like to be a trilingual or a polyglot, (speaking 2 languages has given me headache sometimes), I really want to find out more about this topic and how other people deal with it.

When I use social media, I've been really confused how to present myself. There are different group of people in my contact. My question is: how can you effectively communicate with different group of people with different backgrounds and culture?

 Francois Grosjean wrote in her first book, Life of Two Languages, that, “what is seen as a change in personality is most probably simply a shift in attitudes and behaviors that correspond to a shift in situation or context, independent of language”.

It's not just about languages; for me, it's also about different stages of life perhaps, what I experience in Canada is as a wife and a mother. I feel lucky I get to experience the whole growing up stage with my kids. I may appear too Canadian in one way, too Japanese in the other. I'm still working to adjust and master the life of two languages, and that's all I think about lately. I guess the same with everything else, I have to get out there and start sharing without worrying about what others might think.

This is my list of words and reminders that motivates me to practice my English daily.

A---Learn to Act bilingual
B---Be Bold and speak up
D---Drill the basics
E---Be a Effective learner
F---Fake confidence once in a while
G---Google is my friend
H---Have a Heart that finds humor
I---Look for Inspiration
J---Jaggle in style
K---Kozue & こずえ---find my voice
L---Active Listening
M---It Matters
N---Have No excuse
P---Practice anytime anywhere
Q---ask the right Question
R---Reading (and listening Audio Books)
S---Stretch my facial muscles
T---Try new things
U---Use many resources
V---Have a Vision from a higher ground
W---Watch out for naysayers!
X---eXcercise (physically fit is important)
Y---Try YouTube? 
Z---Let my writing sleep (Zzzz) overnight. 

I'm going to add to this list as I keep practicing my skills and find things work for me. Please share if you have your list of ABCs that you created for yourself! If you are multilingual, what is your story? What your solution when using social media network?