Monday, March 18, 2013

I dislike... movies with bad translation.

Whoa! I can't believe this. We just watched "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" as a family. And the English dub of that movie was really bad. I almost turned it off the moment Pazu uttered his first line.

I have grown up watching Miyazaki movies, and I have told many that it's my favorite. I probably liked that one the best because it was my first movie to watch on a big screen. I also liked Kiki's delivery service as a preteen, and of cource, Totoro. Those are my favorite Miyazaki Movies that I want to watch with kids again and again.

What I was disappointed the most was the same as this blog author discribed.

Cons: Some issues with English dub including the translation differing from original Japanese script on some key lines and voice actor choices for Sheeta (Anna Paquinn) and Pazu (James Van Der Beek) sound older than originally portrayed (teens instead of pre-teens), the 2010 version's English subtitles are actually 'dub-titles' following the English dub rather than the original Japanese audio, background music is amped up, pirates are goofy (guys wear pink outfits)

He said that there are 2 versions of English dub made, in 2003 and 2010. I remember I watched 2003 version before, and that was not bad. That's why I wanted to have my own copy. The one we watched last night was 2010, which English dub was very disappointing, it really ruined a wonderful movie. 

I made me thinking all morning. I wonder how many occasions that I let others speak for me. With their interpretation of who they thought I was, or what they thought I said. I would be pretty upset if I were portrayed as someone that I am not. 

And then, what about learning a new language and trying to communicate with people who are natives of that language. Without knowing, I would be making mistakes (many mistakes) that would make me want to hide for the rest of my life. 

I have to consider this next time when I'm reading or watching foreign made movies or books that are translated. I also have to be careful not to misinterpretate when I'm translating for others. I also hope that I could learn to speak with my own voice in the languages that I use daily. 

So please, please, if you ever watch this movie, Don't watch 2010 version. The above site also said that 2010 version of English Sub is of English dub, so no point in watching that. 

I don't like to give a bad review, but it's my favorite movie that I think English speakers should also enjoy... but with a better translation. 

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