Friday, March 1, 2013

Girl's Day Origami Craft (Fan)

Pretty much everything I shared on here, my daughter took to school, (she didn't take the hina doll set, of course! but I sent in the pictures). I wasn't thinking about sending anything more to school. I just sent cute origami hearts for valentine's day for L-chan's classmates, I don't want to overdo it, right?

But, then I saw a class calender for March that L-chan brought home from school. Her teacher (very thoughtful!) put Japanese Girl's day on the calender on March 3rd! Oh wow! Now the parents will be wondering what they were learning about Japanese girl's day. I wish I had more time to prepare for it, or communicated with her teacher to set a day to come to do a presentation, but I trust that L-chan can do her own show and tell; I decided last minutes to make something girly for her friends at school.

So, that's what you are seeing in the picture above. I made these fans from the instruction I found on The card is printed from I hope this helps for anyone looking for something to make for Hinamatsuri this weekend.

L-chan took some of my scrapbooking pages from Japan trip when she was 1, when she first saw this hina doll set. (see my previous post with pictures of Hina dolls), and some more crafts from, and coloring pages from other sites. (If you need more ideas, hiraganamama has a tons of resources all in one place!)

If you are wondering, Japanese Boy's day is on May 5th. I promised that I would send in something special for the boys in L-chan's class on that day.

Hopefully, you aren't tired of hearing all about Hinamatsuri (Girl's day), since I might post one more about it after the weekend. I hope I shared some fun ideas especially if you have a daughter, a niece, friends, neighbors, a sister, a cousin...and  just have fun celebrating Girl's day (March 3rd) in Japanese style!

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