Monday, March 11, 2013

Bushplane Museum Fun!

It's Spring break here this week. My husband had something planned for kids everyday of the week. Today's plan was to visit Bushplane Museum!

I had been inside before, but this was my first time going with the kids and looking around the exhibits. 

M-chan had a great time running around. A huge space that she is not used to see!
This  flight simulator was fun!

L-chan the pilot.

K-kun looking at the screen to search a forest fire. 

T-kun's turn to be co-pilot.
This is only the entrance area. So much more to see!

 A future astronaut?

It was more than displays that we got to go in, there were 2 short movies (one was 3D) that I really enjoyed. 

It was so much fun! (and not crowded at all as you can see!)

The best part was that we didn't have to travel far! It was close to M-chan's naptime, so I was afraid that she might get fussy, but she was as happy as the other kids. Even if she gotten fussy, there were plenty room for everyone, and wouldn't have bothered anyone at all.

Now I know more about bushplane heritage and forest fire. I felt like I'm a local now.

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