Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A connection: Margaret Atwood and Sault Ste. Marie

Today's connection is about books---the must read books that most high school students read in English speaking country (so I'm told) One of the things that I listed to help with my English was to read more books. (see the list here: my language goal.)  My first blog post back in January, I mentioned that I keep coming across the thing that I read in books?  I made a connection like that yesterday between Margaret Atwood and books that I recently read and also with city of Sault Ste. Marie.

Well, first of all, here is why Margaret Atwood caught my eye. Recently when I signed up for Twitter, it asked to follow well-known people. It gave you the list of people to follow, right? I casually thought, I have heard of her, so I chose to follow Margaret Atwood, the Canadian Author.

Several month ago, I first discovered her (later I realized that wasn't the first time I encountered her) when L-chan brought a book home from school library.

As we read this book together, I thought to myself, this is a picture book not only for kids but for adult. I read about the Author and learned she is Canadian. (I still didn't know who she was.)

Then, just like on Twitter the other day, and on TV program I keep seeing her name. Yesterday I went to Library to check out some books, and I was at "A" section and saw her name again. I wanted to read her novels, so I got one along with other books.

Then at night, when I was checking something online, I saw Margret Atwood's retweet on Utopia,
and A link led me to the other and the other and I read to  this article . I read George Orwell "Politics and the English Language" 1946 recently, so reading this was interesting. Wikipedia article about Margret Atwood says that in Early life section:

Due to her father’s ongoing research in forest entomology, Atwood spent much of her childhood in the backwoods of Northern Quebec and traveling back and forth between OttawaSault Ste. Marie, and Toronto. 

I highlighted entomology because my son wanted to become an entomologist, and I knew what it was when I read it (K-kun's interest has changed now) and I was pleasantly surprised to find Sault Ste. Marie mentioned---because that's where I have lived for last 8 years and where I'm living now! By reading her political involvement, I realized that that was my first time hearing her name.

So, I had fun reading about her last night, and today I started reading one of her books called "The Penelopiad" I don't know if next time I will take this much time to write about my finding connection experiences, but I just love these moments when I find something that I thought I didn't know at all, then things starting to make sense as I recall... Another example of this is French. I thought I didn't study French at school therefore I know nothing, but now with little study of the language structure, reading in  French start to make sense! I also had an exciting moment when I heard little Indian boys (from India) talking amongst themselves in their language, and I heard something I understood. I said something back to them what I thought I heard, and their expression was so precious!

Thank you for reading again!

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