Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Sisters on Girl's Day Party

I still can't believe it's over! Since lady's luncheon in January, I had been worried and busy planning to have this Girl's day party that I invited neighbors over. I'm so proud to say that it was a huge success! 6 ladies were able to come, plus my mother-in-law; I think everyone had a great time. I had a great time sharing my home, family and culture. 

 Girl's day in 2013 Picture update.

3 Sisters!

M-chan's 2nd Girl's day.

A-chan always have a big smile for the camera!
Side by side comparison of me as a baby (on the left) and M-chan (my youngest girl) on right. 

After the party :) 

Party planning can be stressful with small children especially when I'm worried about impressing the guests.Then I came across this blog called Pepper Lynn Loving people through food, and reading her story has inspired me to "let go of myself and bring family, friends, and strangers together over a shared meal."  (quoted from her blog)

The preparation for the party was well worth it, and I was so glad that at the time when everyone gathered, I was able to focus on what's most important---having a good time and celebrate Girl's day... (young or old!)

For those who interested in refreshments that I served today, here is the pictures that I remembered to take before the party. Fruits kabobs, rice crackers, pretzels, Pockey (Japanese chocolate covered pretzels), chocolate covered cherries, cupcakes, 3 kinds of cookies; vanilla, lemon and cinnamon shortbread, sour bunnies to add some pastel colors. The drink was peach juice since peach blossom is a part of Hinamatsuri theme.

Thank you my blog readers for letting me share with you my love for this Japanese celebration. It really brought everyone together; My children, my family in Japan, my family-in-law in Canada, local friends, online friends, new friends, old friends, neighbors and strangers. 

Now, my boys are certainly looking forward to Boys day Celebration on May 5th! It's going to be different since my boys are older. That's going to be my next challenge :)

BTW, today is March 4th. March Forth, everyone! :) 

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