Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes day!

What do you call a day when every answer is yes? ---a book by Amy Krous Rosenthal and Tom Lichienheldt
Today is "Yes" day for my daughter A chan. She turned 4 today.

So far, she watched her favorite shows, ate snacks, took funny pictures, played "hide-and-go-seek-but-don't-find-me" game and helped me with laundry.

Some of you might remember me telling you about A chan tricking me. She was asking for a popcicle (or candy) and I told her no. Then she said... "...Mommy?" and I answered by saying "Yes?" Next thing I know, she was dancing and saying "Yes!!" So clever, isn't she?

Well, the day isn't over yet. I wonder what kind of things she will come up with on her own this year.

What would you ask someone if it were "Yes day!" today?

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