Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hina dolls that traveled to Canada

Here they are! The pictures of Hina dolls as promised. It's only the top 4 tiers showing though, so if you want to see the rest of the set, you will have to come back again next week! (and I really hope you do! or subscribe my blog on your google reader!) 

The top 4 tiers (total of 7) showing. I love the fact this hina doll set features the beautiful imperial garden. 

The Emperor and the Empress
 I just realized the fences(?) on the top tier don't need to be there? 
3 court ladies

5 court musicians. (and 2 ministers)

One of the drummer. He is so cute. 
Our family out of town is going to visit us this weekend. I get to meet a new baby nephew! This weekend is  Family day weekend, and my kids are going to spend a lot of time with the cousins, aunts and uncles!

After my sister-in-law's family got to see this hina doll set, I will probably post more pictures (maybe even some pictures of me when I was as young as my youngest daughter's age!) for everyone else to see!

I also try to write more about what this Girl's day celebration is all about. (Sorry, I'm just so exhausted today.) Have a Happy Valentine's day tomorrow everyone, and have a fun Family day weekend if you are in Canada!

(More Hina dolls pictures added. Go to this post to see and find out more!)


  1. I am jealous you have such a beautiful set!!

    1. Thank you! It's special to me and I'm glad that I can share the pictures here for everyone to see :)