Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Young Victoria

I just watched a movie "The Young Victoria" a couple weeks ago, she has been on my mind since.

Her name was mentioned on one of the material I was reading. This seems to be happening all throughout the week. If I read or watch something, I happened to notice the exact same thing mentioned somewhere else I read or watch that week or following week. So interesting!

We have this beautiful framed picture of a couple who are my husband's father's side of ancestry.  As I looked at the picture of them, I wondered if I slip back in time to visit them and told them that I married one of their descendants what would be their reactions? I would tell them that their grandson (Charles) will emigrate to New Brunswick. And then one of his (Charles') great great grandson will go on a mission to Japan where he meets a girl and marry her... and that's me.

While I was doing search on what their lives were like in Shropshire England at the time of Victorian Era, I found out that Shropshire is also Charles Darwin's birthplace. I then researched what was the relationship between England and Japan back then.

The map of interests and connections that I can draw from one topic has gotten a little wider.

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