Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ladies' Luncheon

I just got back from the annual luncheon at one of the neighbor's house. This is my 3rd time going since we moved to this street, and there were 9 ladies there (including me).

Before going, I was really REALLY nervous.

Beside me and one another, they have lived on this street for more than 40 years, and they know each other really well, and seems like they got a connections with everyone in this city. I can't keep up with the conversation. And the age gaps. They are grandparents. I'm the only young one and also the only one who didn't grow up in this city. (Not to mention in this country.)

Once I was there, I really enjoyed eating yummy comfort food (oh the hostess is such a wonderful cook!), and getting to know my neighbors.

So I boldly invited all of them to come to my Hinamatsuri (Girl's day) party in March.

I'm excited to finally have neighbors over to our house for Hinamatsuri. It will give me a reason to keep the house presentable at all times in the coming month!

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