Thursday, January 31, 2013

Garbage day

Thursday is my favorite day because it's garbage day.I know it's nothing exciting about this post, but I've always wanted to post about this.

I'm a stay at home mom and a homemaker, so there aren't many things around the house that I have to count on others to do. Garbage collection, however, is different. I depend on the city to collect my garbage to take it to the dump.

Every garbage collection day, I'm thankful that garbage truck comes on time to pick up our waste. One day a week, at 7 in the morning, neighbors are all thinking about the same thing. I think it's pretty cool.

This picture shows the side driveway that we don't use during the winter months. Our kind neighbor snowblowed for me to leave the 2 garbage bins. 

Perhaps, I wanted to post this because waste management is a part of my job as a homemaker. There are a lot of things I can improve. Thursday is a weekly reminder of how well (or bad) I am doing in this area.

Did you know...that the waste hierarchy (pictured) refers to the "3 Rs" reducereuse and recycle, which classify waste management strategies according to their desirability?  (From Wikipedia : Waste Management)

 I also heard that there are 2Rs to add before that.... rethink, and resist. So 5Rs all together.

Something to think about.

The Year of The Snake

This will give away how old I am, but oh well. I was born on the year of snake.

My daughter, L chan, who is 5 years old, learned the Chinese Zodiac Animals at school. She had watched with me the YouTube video that Hiragana mama posted previously. So, she asked if she could watch it again.

Here is her post. (and I love reading her blog. It's full of great ideas and links that I can use for teaching Japanese to my kids.) and below is the YouTube video which picture my daughter wanted me to draw.

She then wanted to know what year she was born and wanted to find out which animal the year represented.

So we got a piece of paper, and I wrote down at the bottom "2013--snake". Then went on upward, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

And I wrote down the animal backward: snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, mouse, then boar. So, we figured out... she was born on the year of the boar. She didn't like that, though. She insisted that a mouse was the first one to come, not a boar.

So, we looked at the clock-like illustration of the 12 animals. I draw all the animals sitting around the circle... just like the one we saw on the YouTube. She seemed to get it, but didn't look happy that she was a boar.

She ripped the papaers; she was so upset. 

I know exactly how she felt!

When I was about her age, at the kindergarten, I had an argument with friends. They told me that they were snakes, and I should be one too. I said no, I was born in the year of piglet (Kobuta). Even the teacher said that I was wrong. I was so confused. When my mom came to pick me up, the teacher told her about the argument. She apologized and told her that she told me I was a piggy because I was afraid of snake. Piggy was my favorite animal then--it's pink, has a rounded nose and a short tail that curled. I remembered feeling shocked that I was WRONG. I didn't like that at all.

I didn't want to be a snake for a long time, but I didn't want to be a piglet either; it wasn't even one of the 12 animals. (It's not even a boar.)

So, telling your children what year they were born could be tricky... especially when the siblings were born in the year which animals are just so cute or powerful to describe themselves with.

(I don't have to reveal my parents' age, but as a child I used to think my mom's animal was stronger than my dad's. And it was seemed like so in the real life. (Hehe.))

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ladies' Luncheon

I just got back from the annual luncheon at one of the neighbor's house. This is my 3rd time going since we moved to this street, and there were 9 ladies there (including me).

Before going, I was really REALLY nervous.

Beside me and one another, they have lived on this street for more than 40 years, and they know each other really well, and seems like they got a connections with everyone in this city. I can't keep up with the conversation. And the age gaps. They are grandparents. I'm the only young one and also the only one who didn't grow up in this city. (Not to mention in this country.)

Once I was there, I really enjoyed eating yummy comfort food (oh the hostess is such a wonderful cook!), and getting to know my neighbors.

So I boldly invited all of them to come to my Hinamatsuri (Girl's day) party in March.

I'm excited to finally have neighbors over to our house for Hinamatsuri. It will give me a reason to keep the house presentable at all times in the coming month!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Young Victoria

I just watched a movie "The Young Victoria" a couple weeks ago, she has been on my mind since.

Her name was mentioned on one of the material I was reading. This seems to be happening all throughout the week. If I read or watch something, I happened to notice the exact same thing mentioned somewhere else I read or watch that week or following week. So interesting!

We have this beautiful framed picture of a couple who are my husband's father's side of ancestry.  As I looked at the picture of them, I wondered if I slip back in time to visit them and told them that I married one of their descendants what would be their reactions? I would tell them that their grandson (Charles) will emigrate to New Brunswick. And then one of his (Charles') great great grandson will go on a mission to Japan where he meets a girl and marry her... and that's me.

While I was doing search on what their lives were like in Shropshire England at the time of Victorian Era, I found out that Shropshire is also Charles Darwin's birthplace. I then researched what was the relationship between England and Japan back then.

The map of interests and connections that I can draw from one topic has gotten a little wider.